Full Moon in Aries

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Full Moon in Aries

October 1, 2020

Realign with Your Purpose

A full moon, and the intense energy it creates, affects us all. We receive a full blast of the reflected light of the Sun; powerful, and yet in a softer way. The sign in which it resides helps us to be more specific as to how it will affect us.

In the fiery sign of Aries, the beginning of spring, at the onset of fall, when we begin to slow and prepare for the death of winter, it is a breath of fresh air energetically. 

It is energy and drive at a time when those very things seem to be waning.

At the same time, and in the same sign, we find Chiron, the Wounded Healer, nearby… the asteroid that shows us how to best turn our own trauma into transformation for both ourselves and others. Coupled with Mars Retrograde in Aries, we have a powerhouse of energy coming to aid us in realigning with our true goals and purpose before the long sleep ahead. 

It is a time to correct course and reset our rudder.

When the moon reaches the pinnacle of her reflective fire in the initiating sign of Aries, our emotions become a driving force, (as if they aren’t already under any full moon.) But Aries, lit aflame by his ruling planet of Mars, brings a cardinal intensity that can burn through our strongest intentions and bring the truth of who we are to the forefront in an explosive manner.  

Since the moon represents our emotions, this full moon can amplify what Aries and Mars do best… our anger.

  • The God of War, Mars shows us how to harness our anger in a constructive way.

  • And Aries, the principle of civilization arising from matriarchal tribal rule, shows us how to do so in a way that creates unity over chaos.

Our part is not to run.