So, a couple (few?) weeks ago, I caught up with an old friend, and re-read the book Illusions: Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, by Richard Bach (Jonathan Livingston Seagull).

I first read it when I was a teenager, and loved it deeply. I even took all of the Messiah’s quotes and wrote them on index cards and pulled one randomly each day before going to school (my first oracle deck?).

I’ve read Illusions about once per decade since I was 17. It’s a comfortable old friend. It was my first encounter with the concept of the non-dual nature of the Is, of the idea that life itself is not separate from universal consciousness.

BUT! I didn’t find out until recently that Richard Bach wrote a sequel, called Illusions II, The Adventures of a Reluctant Student. So when I discovered it on Amazon, of course I had to buy it!

So here I sit, on a 100+ degree day in Texas, reading my new friend. It contains page after page of reminders ... words tied so neatly to the work I am doing now, at last, having stepped fully onto my path.

You’re a thought, in form. Everything real is a dream, yet not even a dream is real.  There are no sides (I'm here, you're there), just beliefs. This is bliss, shifting in and out of the formlessness that is the quantum field pregnant and full of infinite potential. 

“The only Real is Love. I’m a thought-form, like you. We’re living our own stories, you and me, aren’t we? We give ourselves a story we think is difficult, we’ll finish it now or later... it’s all beliefs, here too. I can change it, you can change it, you can change it whenever you want... No mortal life is real. They’re imaginations, seems-to-be, Illusions. We write and direct and star in the life of our own stories. Fiction... ” ~ Illusions II, R. Bach

I am observing that I am perfect love, in perfect form, here and now.

“Nobody comes to Earth to dodge problems. We come here to take ‘em on.” ~ Don Shimoda, Illusions II, R. Bach

Why do we promise to believe what we remember, even when it isn’t true? I believe we make a practice of this until we learn the lesson inherent in the belief. We commit steadfastly to our story, then we work tirelessly to maintain it.

If you believe your life is hard and full of challenges, then you will experience it in just that way. You start off with a certain belief (life is hard) and then set about proving it to yourself, finding example after example of hardship in your life, thus making it your reality.

When in fact, if you simply tell yourself a different story, (like: Life is an easy, beautiful experience), then your reality will likewise reflect this back to you. There is an energetic shift that takes place at the quantum level when you change your underlying belief about anything. 

This doesn’t relieve you of any of the human experiences you signed up for. It simply alters your internal experiential response from one of pain, suffering and victimhood to that of sovereign observer, without attachment. When you no longer subscribe to and work to maintain the attachment hooks of the story (that life is hard), you no longer experience the suffering of the idea of separateness.

When you let go of the attachment; to your story, to relationships, to anything, you release it and give it the space it needs to be autonomous. And when you allow for mutual autonomy, without expectations or attachments, you allow yourself and the rest of everything to exist in its own sovereign container, with which you can interact, or not, but which owes you nothing, for there is nothing to owe. 

When you look through and beyond the illusion of the reality you created, you will begin to see just awareness. You will begin to experience all people, beings and things as their true nature, which is simply that of awareness. Consciousness looking at itself as awareness. Awareness looking at itself, God in Human form.

We are all the same. Once here, we are all free.

“An idea, an expression of love, can’t be destroyed...You’re a perfect expression of perfect Love, here and now. Believe it first, understand it next, your material body is healed… Our only life is the expression of the Is, of Love. Not what we do, but love itself.” ~Don Shimoda, Illusions II, R. Bach

These are the tiny, quantum shifts we can make. We can modify our existence by applying awareness to it. And this has the power to change the world. When we wake up and the illusion is revealed, we remember the only truth there is: We are Love.