Jupiter Sextile Neptune

Jupiter Sextile Neptune

October 12, 2020 @ 0306

The VisionQuest: Mysticism & Intuition

In astrology, an aspect is an angular relationship between two planets, which, to a certain extent, becomes its own separate entity.

While planets indicate the “what”, the signs indicate the “how,” and the houses indicate the “where.” Aspects indicate the day-to-day nitty-gritty of our astrological makeup, much like the minor arcana of the tarot puts a day-to-day face on the archetypes conveyed through the major arcana.  

As with all things, there are aspects that are experienced as more difficult, and some that are considered to create a wonderful flow between planets. A sextile (60°) is the latter. It is a harmony between the planets which is highly cooperative. As a result, the energy of each planet inspires the other, rather than holding it back.

When Jupiter, the planet of luck and higher learning, and Neptune, the planet of intuition and dreams, inspire each other, expect a wondrous season of mysticism and intuition, and the call of the VisionQuest. 

This transit is known for good luck, harmony and development, during which people are more compassionate and imaginative. This is a time for realignment of vision to current events and a plethora of powerful dreams. It is one of the more pleasant transits of 2020, and it takes place 3 times: February 20th, July 27th, and October 12th.

During this transit, as odd as it sounds, disillusionment is your friend.  

While Jupiter seeks to build, Neptune dissolves. So expect the rise and fall of projects, hopes and dreams. The collective astrology of 2020 shows the end of an era, and the need to adapt to new ideas and beliefs. As such, disillusionment shows us where our own ideas and beliefs no longer harmonize with the moment. 

As our disillusion pushes us to sufficient discomfort to change our outdated ideas and beliefs, the planet of higher learning calls us to set higher standards and seek higher goals.

Look for the molting of old spiritual skins that have hampered and confined us*.  Let them be torn away so y