Mercury Direct in Libra!

Mercury Turns Direct in Libra

November 3, 2020

The Return of Idealism

During Mercury Retrograde, what normally makes sense gets skewed.  

We often find ourselves mired in confrontation and technological difficulties because what we expect to make sense does not when the messenger of the gods goes into the Underworld. This has been one of the streams of energy pouring into our experience over the last three weeks.

On Tuesday, November 3rd, the messenger of the gods returns from the Underworld, carrying the cloak of the sign of Libra, which naturally rules the 7th house of relationships. Though located next to each other in the zodiac, Scorpio, where Mercury has been for most of this retrograde, could hardly be more opposite Libra if it tried. Scorpio is the sign of transformation and often barbed truths, Libra is the sign of acquiescing for the sake of connection. 

In Scorpio, Mercury penetrates and truths are told regardless of the emotional fallout. 

In Libra, Mercury unites and we look to understand each other better.

Coming up from the Underworld with space for such flourishing idealism, Mercury is poised to add a softening to an election in America that has all the signs of ushering in civil war. 

  • With Mercury direct in Libra, our thoughts turn to our relationships and connection with others. 

  • Our words soften. 

  • Our outlook warms.

With Mercury and Venus, the two innermost planets between our physical bodies and the Sun, our identity and self, in the gracious sign of Libra, we are being given a window in which to abandon war, inequality and strife, ahead of the beginning of the age of Aquarius on December 21st.