Mercury Enters Scorpio

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Mercury Enters Scorpio

September 27, 2020 - October 26, 2020

Profound Communication & Insight

When Mercury, the planet of communication & thought, enters Scorpio, the sign of transformation and rebirth, a window for profoundly piercing thoughts and communication opens.

Mercury will station retrograde on October 13th, while still in Scorpio, giving another powerful window in which to visit the underworld of our subconsciously-operating thoughts and beliefs. If we are willing, the demons we need to face will find us.  

The sign of Scorpio, which is the Death card in the Tarot, does not spare feelings. Scorpio communication is most often direct and can sting. So while the realizations that are possible during this time are deep and transformative, they can often arrive on cutting words or confrontations, giving us yet another amazing opportunity to fall in love with pain and endings.

Thoth Tarot / The Death / Aleister Crowley / Tarot Trump XIII
The Death Card

Mercury in Scorpio shows up as determined thought and communication at its best. 

Scorpio will find a way through previously impossible obstacles by bringing intuition to bear. However, Scorpio can also be prone to worry and this transit can magnify and empower our worries. So the more we can consciously direct this energy toward constructive thought, rather than worry, the more we will enjoy the transit.*

With Mars in Retrograde, Mercury in Scorpio can add a cutting edge to an already volatile energy, so it is important to use this time for transformation and not assault.

Being co-ruled by Mars, Scorpio lacks no lust for battle. We are being asked to choose.

  • Do we want to continue to wage warfare with the world outside, or

  • Are we willing to go within and witness the self rise again like the Phoenix? 

Always, the choice is yours.