Mercury Retrograde Enters Libra

Mercury Retrograde Enters Libra

October 27, 2020 @ 2133

Relationship Review

When a retrograde planet changes signs, it’s a signal to change our focus. For the first two weeks of Mercury’s retrograde travel, The Magician and Messenger of the Gods in the deep and mysterious Scorpio. 

For the last week, we shift our focus from scandals, power struggles and secrets, to our relationships.

When Mercury is retrograde in Libra, a thorough inventory of our relationships is due… including our relationships with institutions. 

  • Where do we feel appreciated? 

  • Where do we feel dismissed and disrespected? 

This one week window can have a profound effect on our interpersonal life if we use it to re-evaluate whether or not our relationships still support our desires and dreams.

  • Have we surrounded ourselves with turkeys while trying to soar like an eagle, as the saying goes?

  • Do our friends support our deepest desires and dreams?

  • Do they even know them?

  • Do we have authentic connections with other people, or do we show them only what they want to see?

  • Are we showing up in the world as we truly are, or do we use the truth as a weapon and a convenience?

  • How real are we?

  • How much of us is hidden?

  • Where do we pay lip service rather than attention?

  • Where do we use others to medicate?

What changes could we make in our relationships, individually and collectively, that would better support our authenticity?