Moon Water Uses


As we discussed yesterday, we create moon water by filling a container (preferably glass) with water and imbuing it with an intention before placing it outside in the light of the moon (preferably full).  Combining the benediction of lunar energy in the powerfully conscious receptivity of water creates a powerful spiritual tool that can be used for a number of things. 

Today we will be discussing those things.  I have broken this post down into four sections for your convenience, each representing one of the elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth.


(Personal Power, Passion)

Moon water is a powerful reagent of the Divine Feminine and my favorite way to use it here in the masculine element of fire is to focus it on an even deeper ownership of my feminine sexuality.  As women, we have been very subversively and cleverly taught to deny our own sexual pleasure and, for all intents and purposes, give our sexual power away.  Moon water can be used to reconnect us with the power of our own sacred sexuality in the following ways:

  • Drink before sex with the intention of fully embracing and owning my sexual pleasure

  • Include in a bath with the intention of releasing old ideas and beliefs that limit the usage of my sacred sexuality in an honest and present manner

  • Drink before menstrual cycle with intention of lessening pain and honoring the feminine power of life

  • Anoint the Sacral chakra before meditation on the Divine Feminine, sexual trauma or thwarted creativity


(Emotional Nature, Receptivity)

Moon water softens and allows and since it is at home here in its own element, I use it generously with my intuition, emotional work and as a form of blessing.  Here are some of the ways I include it in my spiritual practice:

  • As an elixir of blessing placed on my own body (with a benediction of choice):

  • Included in a bath 

  • Used as a drink

  • Rubbed into my heart chakra 

  • As an elixir of blessing placed on someone else’s body 

  • I drink it while I am pulling tarot cards to heighten my intuition

  • When I need an answer, I place some in a bottle or cup, ask it a question and then drink it before sleep 

  • Anoint the Heart chakra to help loosen and process trauma


(Thought, Communication, Relationships)

The feminine nature of moon water can be brought to soften our thoughts, words and connection with others in powerful ways.  The element of air can be manipulative and divisive so balancing these traits with the openness and inclusiveness of the Divine Feminine can do wonders for our relationships with both ourselves and others:

  • Drink it with the intention of raising the vibration of your communications with others

  • Drink it with intention of raising the vibration of your own internal dialog with yourself 

  • Share together with someone else before a difficult conversation to encourage discourse that is grounded and present for both parties

  • Anoint the throat chakra to release blockages to speaking your truth 

  • I also regularly imbue whatever water I am drinking with a blessing.  The same with food.


(Body, Possessions, Agriculture)

Water and earth are the two feminine elements and when combined in spiritual practice they provide a robust fertility in the way we manifest and in our health.  In addition, since the 4th house of mother and home is ruled by Cancer, or cardinal water, combining these two elements in the home makes for powerful grounding and restoration.  Here are some of the ways that I use moon water with my body, possessions and in agriculture:

  • As an elixir of blessing placed on my possessions:

  • The radiator of my car

  • Watering the food I grow

  • Give it to my pets

  • Anoint my money with the intention of abundance

  • I use it water the food that I grow

  • Dribbled around the outside of the house as in invitation to the Divine Feminine to make her abode within ours and also as a protection against stress and rage

  • Poured over feet placed directly on the earth to improve grounding