QS Transformational Astrology


Transformational Astrology

September 28, 2020 to October 4, 2020

Revelations, Responsibility & Personal Power

To say that we are in a time of transformation is a gross understatement. Many of the transits we are currently under have not been seen for centuries, even millennia.

As retrograde planets, sleeping giants, now begin to station direct and awake in the sign of Capricorn, the sign of structure & government, society is being forced to change.

This blog series will cover the major astrological transits for the rest of the year, week by week, through to the transit taking place on January 12th, 2021, which many astrologers are calling “The Paradigm Shift”. 

This transit hasn’t been seen in the skies above earth since the Protestant Reformation in the early 1500s.  

There are two ways to use this blog:

  • First, as a “heads up” for how these energies will manifest in the collective.

  • Second, as an overlay to your natal chart. 

For instance, for the first transit here in the blog, where is Scorpio in your natal chart? 

  • For me it is in the 5th house of Individuality & Pleasure. My moon is in this sign and house. So the planet of thought and communication, Mercury, will be conjunct my moon, the planet of emotion, mother, the past and intuition. 

  • I can expect a period of deepened communication which will spotlight my own individuality, specifically my intuition. In fact, my mom called me recently to share some intuition she’d been having and it helped me out of a jam and brought us closer.

  • I can also expect more sexy talk.