Saturn Stations Direct in Capricorn

Saturn Stations Direct in Capricorn

September 29th, 2020 @ 01:11

Calmer Heads Prevail

Since May of this year, Saturn, the Lord of Time, Karma & Structure (and the persistent, slightly overbearing school teacher who wants us to get our lessons done right), has been stationed retrograde, its energy turned within to our individual and collective Underworlds. 

During this time, we often revert to being children of sorts. We begin to wrestle with the mantle of adult responsibilities and rebel at established expectations. Responsibilities can seem too imposing and we can easily find ourselves avoiding them.

In 2020, this energy makes me think of all of our pandemic memes, and their flippant dismissal of our need for personal inventory in how we arrived at these current events, rather than passing the responsibility of their outcomes off to politicians, religious leaders, healthcare experts and parents.

When Father Time stations direct again, playtime is over.

  • No more passing the buck and searching for someone else to fill the bill.

  • No more looking for “adultier” adults.

  • You are it.

  • And the time is now.

  • Step up or step aside.

Saturn stationing direct and beginning to move forward once again in its home sign of Capricorn signifies that while we may not like it, we have become aware of the reasons behind the restrictions placed upon us.

We understand how we got here, and our part in getting out. And more importantly, we feel empowered to enact the changes necessary to extract ourselves. We lean into our discipline and endurance, and lean away from excuses and passing the buck.

This understanding comes from our time in the Underworld. We have witnessed our proclivity for avoidance and immaturity in matters of discipline and have seen how it short-changes us in our efforts