The Beginning of the End

The 2020 Election

November 3, 2020

The Beginning of the End

To my fellow Americans:

Over these last eight months, the majority of us, the citizens of the country that considers itself to be the leader of the free world, have been confined and confused, and traversing a collective dark night of the soul.

While so confined, and if so inclined, we have been offered the opportunity to truly feel, and become aware of, the heavy, heavy karma incurred and carried in the covenant of both this country’s founding and it’s incredibly cruel and dark patterns of social injustice, bigotry, and religious tyranny. 

We, the citizens, the “we the people” of our crowning glory, the Constitution, have gone to sleep, fat and happy in our comfort, power and wealth. I am aware of the poverty and lack present in this country. I am also aware that our lack would be considered the treasure of many other countries, and we have lost sight of this.

We are a blessed country which was founded on the principle of being a blessing to the rest of the world. The ideal behind our spiritual legacy of freedom echoes across the centuries, dampened almost wholly by our willingness to remove those freedoms from others to satisfy the demands of the religious addiction rampant in our government. 

We have been playing a shell game with cheaters.

Content to spit vitriol at each other, we have allowed wolves among us who are gutting us from within, while we question the sanity of anyone who dares to point this out. A shift is quickly coming in which we remember that WE have all of the power. It is time to wake up, my loves. All of nature is calling for us to remember who we are before we destroy our one race and our one habitat. It is time to do away with the old ways of play which have resulted in so much pain around the world.

It is time to do away with the men who cannot get enough regime change, wealth and power. They have polluted our good purpose for far too long. This is the beginning of their end, and we must see this through for the whole world. We have been given this wealth and power to bless and not to curse. Our wealth is faltering, our health is fading, our peace is fleeing because we have not honored our good purpose. We have preferred comfort over responsibility. To whom much is given, much will be required.