The Paradigm Shift of 2020

Stepping Beyond the Fabric of Reality

One of my favorite things to study in astrology are the synodic patterns of how the stars interact, compared against historical events.

A synodic cycle is created when two or more planets align in their orbits around the sun. In this blog, we will be looking at the synodic relationship between Saturn and Pluto, and corresponding historical events as they relate to the United States, up to and including their most recent alignment in January of 2020, and how everything since is related.

There is so much wisdom to be gleaned, but, more importantly, so much hope to be had!

In general, a Saturn-Pluto synodic cycle will be about human consciousness, and its relationship to societal structures and the transformational use of power. 

The length of this cycle is variable due to Pluto’s variable speed as it approaches and departs its closest point to the sun (known as Perihelion). Saturn and Pluto both get a bit of a malefic wrap in astrology, as both bring upheaval and plenty of weight. However, when we can begin to release our hold on the idea that pain and upheaval are because of wrongs done or mistakes made, we make room to hear the simple truths these planets speak to us.

Here is a small portion of the historical events which have happened under the alignments in this particular synodic cycle:

As you can clearly see, every time these planets align, whether far apart or right on top of each other, upheaval is due. 

Usually, the conjunction is the solution or response to the opposition.

  • For instance, the opposition event of Great Britain abolishing slavery in 1834 gets the response of the Civil War in the US during the 1852 conjunction.

  • Keeping with that same pattern, the alleged terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 is now receiving its response.