The Return of the Christ Consciousness in the Human Collective

Jupiter & Saturn Conjunct at 0° Aquarius

December 21, 2020

The Return of the Christ Consciousness

In astrology, a conjunction is when two or more planets line up in their orbits around the sun and appear to meet in the heavens. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurs approximately every 20 years.

It is not a rare conjunction. Its power lies in its meaning.

Before being known as the Bethlehem Star, or Christmas Star, this conjunction was known as the Star of David. In order to ascend to the throne of Israel, one had to be born of the House of David and under the Star of David. This is why the Bethlehem Star, and Christ’s birth under it, are so central to the Christian religion. The Messiah had to be eligible for the throne of David. In other words, this is the conjunction which crowned the Christ.

In the book of Luke, Chapter 22, Jesus sends Peter and John to go into Jerusalem and prepare the passover. Unsure, they ask him “where will you have us prepare it?” Jesus’ response has piqued the ears of astrologers for centuries. Behold, when you have entered the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him into the house that he enters.”

The bible is a deeply mystical book when read by an Adept.

The apostles were asking where the feast, the celebration, the kingdom was to be created. Jesus’ response was: look for and follow the water-bearer.

Aquarius is the water-bearer.

On Monday, after 2,000 years of waiting, and the end of the age of Pisces in 2012, we follow the water-bearer home to the Age of Aquarius. When Jupiter and Saturn conjunct, forming the Star of David, they do so at 0° Aquarius, signaling the beginning of a new age in which the Christ Consciousness or frequency returns in the human collective.

On the same day we celebrate the Winter Solstice, the point in the year at which darkness has won. The night swallows the day. Light must be born. The virgin womb prepared. Pleas