Venus Enters Libra

Venus Enters Libra

October 27, 2020 @ 2141

Love & Commitment

The impact of Venus, Goddess of Love and Persuasion, is almost always positive.

She is a charmer, a poet, an artist and a muse. She represents what we value and find beautiful, our art, and how we view love. As the Empress in the tarot, she represents the Divine Feminine… unity with nature and our fellows.

When the Goddess of Love & Persuasion enters its home sign of Libra, which naturally rules the 7th house of relationships, a season of true kinship and interpersonal harmony ensues.

Our values turn to creating relationship dynamics that give balance and meet needs. Venus also rules the sign of Taurus, which naturally rules the second house of possessions. Venus, and both of the signs she rules, create opulence either materially, or interpersonally.

Because Mars is currently in retrograde, Venus, his enchanting counterpart in the heavens, being in her own sign or temple, has an amazing opportunity during this window to stream unifying energy into the collective.

  • In what area of your life this will be made manifest depends on which house Libra resides in your natal chart. For me it is the 4th house of home, mother & family. I am flying home today to visit family today, and I can’t wait!

When Venus enters Libra, we are more likely to employ charm than brute force to reach our desired ends. Feeling a renewed sense of connection, the fears that often rise from specters of separation here in the physical realm are dampened by the energy of Libra returning home.

Art and fashion are stoked by this harmonious energy, as are justice and balance.

Of particular importance is when this transit takes place here in the United States.

Venus will be transiting through the sign of Libra during what is sure to be a complete clusterfuck of an election. Libra is the scales, Lady Justice, and this transit will play a pivotal role in cleaning up the mess made by Mercury stationing retrograde before the election. This transit may, if I’m totally honest, be one of our saving graces during this time.

This transit has the potential to set a new tone moving forward for those of us who have the ears to hear.