Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo

October 2 - 27, 2020

Practical Love

When Venus, the planet of our values; what we find beautiful, and how we love, enters the deeply practical and healing sign of Virgo, our love takes on a purposeful nature that helps us to meet both ourselves and others as we are, with a love that embraces the value of this physical life. 

In the tarot, this placement rules the Lord of Gain, the 9 of Disks, which teaches us to expect the harvest as we have learned the cycles of life in the card before, and have done our due diligence. This is the card and the transit of receiving what has been sown and loving with nurturing intention.

Lord of Gain, Nine of Disks

Virgo naturally rules the 6th house of how we serve and heal.

When Venus, the Empress and the bridge between the temple and the palace, enters our sphere of service and healing gifts, we show our love through service. And not only do we show our love, but we let our values, those ideals which are most precious to who we are and to how and why we do what we do, guide us in our service and healing.

This is a time when love needs to make sense and have a purpose.

We are not prone to fits of romantic fancy like we find in Venus in Leo, but rather to endure in the lives of those we love. Running errands, washing the dishes, babysitting, covering for a beloved coworker… these are all manifestations of Venus in Virgo. We are asked to truly look closely at those we love and value. Who are they really and are we serving them in a way that actually best serves them? Or are we fitting them in when and how it’s good for us?  

If so, this transit asks us to set ego, pomp and circumstance to the side and to serve for others and not ourselves. This is a time when we consciously decide to give of ourselves. Rather than simply giving from where we flow most easily, we are drawn to truly see the ones we love with a practical simplicity that cares only for the meeting of their needs, even if it’s not the preferred method or path of least resistance for us.

We let their needs guide our service to deeper insights and more profound relations with our fellows.